I Remember Santa…

Santa Claus

Santa Claus

I used to believe in Santa. In fact, even after I caught on to who was in that beautiful red velvet suit, I played along. I’d heard rumors about Santa being a ruse, of course, at school. Then it hit me and I recognized Santa…Daddy!

My Dad was Santa to many children for many, many years. My grandmother, an accomplished seamstress, made the Santa suit, hat, gloves and it was beautiful. Every year, Daddy, got in costume, complete with pillow, wig, beard and rosy cheeks and out he went to charity events and other gatherings most particularly for the poorer children of our small Iowa community. He, Santa that is, was part of the annual Christmas parade in town. He often arrived in a sleigh, sans reindeer, but certainly with tinkling bells and a merry old grin too.

Throughout his life, Ray J. Samuel, was active in organizations helping children and others in need. He headed annual fund drives for March of Dimes, served on a committee to provide education for special needs children, supported a camp for crippled children and more. In the sense of bringing happiness to others, he was indeed Santa!

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