Beula and Ferne Samuel, 1910

Welcome to Samuel Family Trails blog and  Genealogy Research Services. Samuel Family Trails blog tells family stories, yes, but also how the information was discovered, the research process.

Bonnie Samuel, Genealogy Research Services is also found on this site (see menu tabs above picture header). I provide genealogy research in Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

I was born and raised in central Iowa, and have researched in Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas in pursuit of my own family history, as well as client research. As an experienced genealogical researcher, I am knowledgeable and familiar with the many varied, excellent historical resources available. If a trip to Iowa, Kansas or Missouri is not on your plans, I can help you learn more about your ancestors and their lives. Find out more about my services at www.samuelfamilytrails.com/research-services/

More about my family research… I’ve been researching my ancestors for many years – the people of my family’s making. My “lines” go back to the Revolution in our country, a couple of branches have been traced across the pond. I’ve come to “know” my kinfolk, through digging for those long buried stories of their lives and how they lived those lives. I’ve been amazed to find similar traits, ambitions, interests, experiences that mirror my own life and others in my family too. The trail has not run cold, the discoveries keep coming and I delight anew in finding new family members and their stories.

My research experience…through the years, I’ve pursued educational opportunities to learn and develop my research skills. My objective was to create an accurate genealogical account of my ancestors, more than just dates and places, but who they were and how they lived. I’ve developed knowledge and skills through classes, conferences, books, mentors, as well as the research itself. In my own research, and client research, I am knowledgeable with the repositories of resources in Iowa, the nature of records and their availability and records not online, but available in archives, libraries, historical societies, and more.

I love genealogy! The ancestor hunt has been an amazing journey for me and I’ve enjoyed helping others find their kinfolk too. What I’ve found and others have too, is the connection we really do have to our family of long ago – the things we learn about “our people” often explains characteristics or experiences in our own lives.

I am a member of National Genealogical Society, New England Genealogical Society, Association of Professional Genealogists, Iowa Genealogical Society. I serve as the Vice President of the Story County Genealogical Society in Ames, Iowa and Chair the Education Committee.


 I hope you enjoy Samuel Family Trails blog and let me know how I can help with your family research!

Bonnie Samuel, Genealogy Research Services



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