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Bonnie Samuel, Genealogy Research Services

Do you need help with a family research project? I specialize in Iowa research, Kansas and Missouri too. Perhaps you just need a document retrieved? I often work with researchers in other geographic places to find data as they will be more familiar with the resources. So if a trip to Iowa is not on your calendar, let me know your research need on form below. We offer a free consultation to understand your objective.

Bonnie Samuel, provides the following RESEARCH SERVICES, in accordance with the ethical standards of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

  • Initial consultation (free) about your genealogy research needs. All services are performed under contract.
  • Development of a work plan based on specific research request provided by client.
  • Research and analysis performed as per agreement.
  • We provide a written report of findings and conclusions, and complete source citations; negative findings to be included. Final report will include copies, transcripts, or abstracts of all supporting documents found in the research process. Recommendations for further research may be included.
  • If your need is basic document retrieval, we will ask that you complete a specific search request, including your prior searches (so that we don’t duplicate). As in research above, you will receive a full report, including the best possible copy or transcription.

                                                         Genealogy Research Process & Fees
Bonnie Samuel’s research fee is $25.00 per hour, plus expenses. Expenses are billed at cost and include postage, photocopies, document and repository fees, and mileage ( mileage charged if beyond 60 mile radius of Ames, Iowa).

You will be asked to submit a “research request,” providing details of your request in writing, as well as copies of your past research and documentation. An estimation of initial hours needed to fulfill your research request will be made, to be included in the written contract. Work will begin upon receipt of 50% of the estimated fee for the contracted authorized hours. Research work will not exceed contracted hours without consulting the client and receiving authorization in writing to continue. You will be notified when work is complete and provided an invoice of all costs incurred. Your genealogical report will be sent to you upon receipt of final balance due.

You are billed for the actual research time working on your request. We guarantee diligent and thorough research. However, research, in whole or part, may be unsuccessful in discovery of your stated goal.

Payment may be made by check, or by credit card through Paypal. Please contact Bonnie Samuel, Genealogy Research Services, with any questions at or 515-203-1056.

Submit an inquiry about your research needs to Bonnie Samuel Genealogy Research Services on the form below: